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Need to be seen on the Internet but can’t spend a fortune? Theme website is affordable for everyone. Even a simple web up to 400 euro can do miracles for your business.

Ask Kristyna for copy, buckle up and watch what’s going to happen. It’s a ride! She writes energetically, with humor or tension – whatever is needed. More importantly, she is  original. God, how I love reading it!

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Whose web (and business) is doing better now?

Why do I create websites on WordPress?

Open Source

You can manage your web yourselves or you can simply hand over the maintenance to another admin. You don’t have to buy any rights for your own website which saves you money. WP allows more accounts. I give you the WP license for free.


Websites built on WordPress are responsive – both design and functionality adjust according to devices used for viewing the pages (mobile phone, tablets, ipad).


WordPress allows to work in necessary repairs found by analysis much more easily, more quickly and inevitably more cheaply then doing so by asking a programmer.


WordPress is easy to use even for laics. If you wish to manage your blog yourselves, you can do so on WP web. Moreover, thanks to plugin modules supplied by developers from all over the world, you can adjust functionality and design of your web according to your needs.

Are you wondering about DiVi?

+ 87 more awesome themes to choose from!

Many functions and possibilities

DiVi is a theme loaded by possibilities and functions and working with it is very easy. I create content in a user-friendly environment suitable even for a WP beginner. DiVi is translated into 32 languages.

Effective Landing Page

DiVi contains more the 20 ready-to-use page schemes. A huge advantage is the choice of Landing Page. It is a must for successful advertising. In the best scenario, a customer comes from PPC ad to your LP and immediately makes a purchase.

Call To Action

DiVi provides creative ways to convert a visitor into a customer. Call To Action features such as contact forms or buy buttons are easy to improve AB testing. Theme offers various modules to build original design on. E-shop and portfolio are basic equipments.

Analytics & Safety

Today, web creations is inherently connected to data analysis. DiVi is wired to tracking devices collecting information on visits, shopping routes and many more. I can unveil weak spots, fix them, and increase conversion rate. The authority in online safety Sucuri.net participated in this theme development and guarantees its safety.

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Do you need a new website or just to improve the old one? Take the first step. Send me a message or give me a call. Then I sit behind the wheel and together we will drive towards better future of your business.

Why choose me?


I am an idealist. I won’t rest until you drive off with a shiny new web.

Communication with me is fast like a German autobahn.

I try to solve bugs immediately and without unnecessary stress.

My websites are like a BMW – no additional buttons, just functional design.

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