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Let your web have the proper treatment

Content is the king and input data the queen

Quality web is preceded by detailed analysis. We need to know for whom we’re building the web, what customers it’s supposed to attract in order to successfully fulfill its purpose and sell. Target group analysis, key words analysis, competition, SEO settings, UX analysis – these are the top guns to get necessary data and build a great web.

Without web administration, you won’t get much further

Freshly built website needs regular maintenance in order to make it the to top positions in search results. It won’t get done by itself. Plugins and WP core updates, bugs fixes, content creation and editing, spam prevention, emailing, social media communication, paid and non-paid advertisement, InBound marketing, data analytics, and more tools and services are available to order from my monthly web administration package.

Detailed analysis

Target group       Competition
SEO            Key words        UX analysis

Monthly administration

Copywriting         Updates     PPC

Analytics    E-mailing    Social media

InBound marketing       Bugs fixes

You already have a web but you need additional services?

Why choose me?


I am an idealist. I won’t rest until you drive off with a shiny new web.

Communication with me is fast like a German autobahn.

I try to solve bugs immediately and without unnecessary stress.

My websites are like a BMW – no additional buttons, just functional design.

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