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Get to know your web designer

Building up websites is both my job and my hobby

Kristyna Kvardova

Traveler. Dreamer. Webdesigner


I’m creating great websites

I love minimalism

I perfectly describe products

I write fitting texts

I can handle decent SEO

I only work with professional partners

Why choose my?


I am an idealist. I won’t rest until you drive off with a shiny new web.

Communication with me is fast like a German autobahn.

I try to solve bugs immediately and without unnecessary stress.

My websites are like a BMW – no additional buttons, just functional design.

Kristýna Kvardova, MS
Sudova 1145, Stary Plzenec, 33202

Phone: +420 732 832 341

Email: email@kristynakvardova.com

Websites: www.kristynakvardova.com, www.digitalnimnomadem.cz

VAT: 73789178
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