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I won’t rest until you drive off with a shiny new web

We cooperate with Kristyna more then 3 years now. On the basis of entry analysis and UX analysis, she came up with a whole new design and navigation on P-test.cz. We primarily appreciate her keeping up deadlines, freshness and overall openness towards new ideas.

Radovan Haluza, director of the company

P-test, Generi Biotech

I would like to thank Kristyna very much for building up my website quickly and in a great style. I especially appreciate her independence and pro-active approach in solving obstacles or uncertainties in the assignment. It is very pleasant to work with a person who understands your needs and communicates eventual problems effectively. One more time, thank you very much, Kristyna.

Daniel Jaks

Prague Chef

Thanks to a well built website and a high quality content I receive new clients via web every day.

Eng. Radek Bily

Eng. Radek Bily - tax office

Kristy built up a brand new school website from scratch. She designed a user-friendly form of the web which is easily comprehensible for me. She made sure not to overflow the entire web with irrelevant information which often happens with other big school websites. Everything went smooth and we kept in touch over Skype.

Mgr. Vlastislav Konig, headmaster

Elementary school web, ZS Zbuch

By combining biology knowledge and online marketing skills, Kristyna managed to make my project available and understandable for the general public. She readily dealt with any kind of issues and details about my new web over phone, even in the late evening (outside working) hours until she herself was satisfied with the outcome.

MUDr. Pavel Kukla

Mettinum s.r.o.

I am excited about my new web! It looks pretty and my patients can easily find there everything they need. I can edit text myself in WordPress.

M.D. Hana Kvardova

Gynecology Kvardova

Kristyna is ‘hands down’ the most reliable and communicative webdesigner I have ever met. We cooperate together since 2014 and her expertise is still growing with the market and clients needs. In the beginning, we were doing mostly copywriting. Nowadays, Kristyna is building up whole websites for us. I am very happy with her work.

Robert Sladek

Alpha Citizen

Kristyna is person who doesn’t look for problems but rather solves them. Our cooperation on smaller or bigger projects was always joyfull, full of good ideas, nice vibes and the right attitude. That human approach I value the most.

Lukas Benzl

Glaceo s.r.o.

Kristyna’s biology background combined with her copywriting skills came in very handy when she was writing blog posts for Futura Genetics.

Efi Binder, co-founder

Futura Genetics

Ask Kristyna for copy, buckle up and watch what’s going to happen. It’s a ride! She writes energetically, with humor or tension – whatever is needed. More importantly, she is  original. God, how I love reading it!

Jaroslav Kostal

Jaroslav Kostal

Why choose me?


I am an idealist. I won’t rest until you drive off with a shiny new web.

Communication with me is fast like a German autobahn.

I try to solve bugs immediately and without unnecessary stress.

My websites are like a BMW – no additional buttons, just functional design.

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